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JC's Meat Traders is a certified game abattoir, and processing plant for chicken, game and beef meat. See below our certificate to operate during the lockdown period issued by CIPC. 

During the lockdown period, from 27 March 2020 - 16 April 2020, we will continue to operate and will be delivering orders around the greater Pretoria area. 

In line with guidance from the World Health Organisation, here are the steps we are taking to ensure safe and hygienic delivery of your orders:

  • When our drivers arrive at your delivery address, they have been instructed to ring the bell, and stand back at a safe distance.

  • As a precaution, during this time we will package your order in bags so that you don’t need to handle any delivery containers.

  • The drivers will place the bags at your door and wait for you to answer.

  • The driver will then record your name, with the date and time of delivery in front of you, so you won’t need to sign any paperwork.

  • You then collect your items and head back indoors; the driver will take any delivery containers and head off.

20200326 JCs Meat Traders CIPC Authorisa
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